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Marks based Scholarship for all students

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Book library Provided by us for all students.

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All Teachers are Certified in our School.


About Decorum Public School

The Decorum Public School endeavors to 'make a difference to your child's life'. With rapid changes in lifestyles among today's Indians, it is important to strike a balance between age-old traditions and modern-day outlooks. The School is bound to create equilibrium by adopting the ancient technique of Gurukul education, but with a scientific edge. It aspires to produce a citizen who is abreast with the changing times, and yet rooted in his or her value system. We maintain well discipline for Students and teachers Here, Teachers have very smooth behavior and professionalism to give your child a better career. We provide Sports in our Campus for the students.

Chakiya, the district headquarter of East Champaran is a fast expanding town. The conscious guardians of this town have a strong feeling that there is a complete dearth of good institutions in this area to cater the proper orientation and skillful training to the students of primary and secondary standards. They have often felt that the public schools running around have laid down their emphasis on the outward glitter.

They aim to make students outwardly smart. This is a praiseworthy object but sadly lacks in this most vital aspect. It does not help the kids in developing their inner capacity. They do not learn to learn themselves. Thus the very purpose of education i.e. to make the students capable of learning things by themselves with the help of able guidance to lead them to the right path is being defeated the kids therefore learn things by rote without understanding them. 

Decorum Public School

DPS is a dynamic educational institution that subscribes to the holistic development of mind and body through academic excellence, quality, performance, uncompromising service, respect for human values and principles fervent love of God, Country, Family, and fellowmen.